Friday, October 18, 2019

The Importance of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing and How It Affected Research Paper

The Importance of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing and How It Affected America's Relationship with Russia - Research Paper Example The effects of the above mission on America’s relationship with Russia are reviewed in this paper; the explanation of the value of the specific mission for USA and for the global community has been considered as necessary in order to understand the differentiation of the relationship between USA and Russia under the influence of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. The paper aims to prove that the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing has been a unique event, highly affecting the relationship between USA and Russia which are considered as major competitors in the Aerospace industry. The Apollo missions are considered as the most important projects in the American Aerospace industry. Of particular importance is the first of these missions, the Apollo 11 Lunar landing that tool place in the 20th of July 1969. During that day ’Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the two members of the crew, had the chance to walk for about half of a mile on foot’.1 It was the first time in human history that such trip has been achieved. Normally, the above achievement should have caused the interest of scientists and the public worldwide. Still, the value of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing has been doubted.2 One of the key reasons has been the project’s cost. ... still, due to its cost the mission did not have the support expected, if considering its value for science, not just for USA but for the international community. The importance of the Apollo 11 Lunar landing can be understood if referring to the mission’s various aspects. The Apollo 11 mission has been a project in which critical programs of Aerospace have been tested. Reference can be made, for example, to ‘the Centaur Program, a program instrumental in the success of the above mission’.4 In ‘the 40th anniversary of Apollo mission’, engineers working in NASA’s projects had the chance to highlight the value of the Centaur program, which was developed during the Apollo 11 mission.5 During the above anniversary, the value of the Apollo 11 for the improvement of the technology involved in the Aerospace industry was highlighted; reference has been made, for example, to the robotic technology6 but also to the Space Shuttle engine,7 which had a criti cal role in the success of the Apollo 11 mission. Moreover, by completing the Apollo 11 mission successfully, USA could set more targets in regards to the Aerospace industry. The exploration of other planets and the development of other projects related to the space have been made feasible in the context of the Apollo 11 Lunar landing. This fact is reflected in the following event: in the 20th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar landing, the US president, George Bush announced the intention of the US Government to support the expansion of projects related to the Aerospace industry.8 The expansion would include a series of initiatives, such as ‘a mission to Mars and a permanent return to the Moon’.9 The above announcements were made in order to enhance the popularity of NASA’s projects. Indeed, in the period

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