Friday, October 18, 2019

New Humanism in Architecture Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

New Humanism in Architecture - Research Proposal Example   Working with Nature to create architectural statements is possible as shown by the students at the University of Maryland. The students won the second place at the Solar Decathlon in 2007 with their â€Å"Leaf House,† a home with a roofline resembling a leaf and an indoor waterfall that provides a liquid desiccant. (DCraig, 2007) In New Paltz, Net-zero home (Schoenfeld, 2011) BOLDER Architecture designed the first zero-net energy development using â€Å"photovoltaic-solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling, combined with insulated concrete form walls, triple pane glass, and heat recovery ventilators† (Toder, 2006). Unlike the Leaf House which was designed specifically for a contest, these homes in New Paltz are already occupied. Contrary to the insights of the Manifesto: Towards A New Humanism In Architecture, BOLDER Architecture has â€Å"dared to act† (Toder, 2006) and as a consequence has created homes of the future. At present, there exist visually -pleasing structures which are also eco-friendly. These buildings and homes are recognized by both public and private award-giving organizations for their beauty and their energy-saving features. This only proves that architects can remain true to their calling of creating aesthetically appealing buildings and make these beneficial to the society and environment. Toward a Human Architecture: A Sociologist’s View of the Profession Through time, buildings have been a part of society because architects consult with men to come up with structures that often make—must make—a statement. At times, the resulting structures turn out to be contrary to what was envisioned by the client. As architect Bob Borson has written, he had been fired from a project â€Å"for not listening†. (Borson, 2010) This kind of dilemma is exactly why sociologist Herbert Gans (1993) suggests that architects should start building with their client’s needs in mind. Indeed, society appreciates a building with a unique architectural design. Not only does it make the place visually appealing but it also helps establish the architect in the field. Will Alsop knows that well, struggling to create himself a name which is now synonymous to magnificent structures in Peckham Library (Greer, 2007) the United Kingdom. In his works, Alsop lets his imagination run even if the outcome is not something that the public may want. (Worsley, 2002) This makes for buildings that have a high aesthetic value but may not be functional and comfortable for the people using these structures. Another architect whose works aim to be visually appealing is Odile Decq. Her take on the Shanghai Information Center is indeed a striking mixture of straight lines and triangles. Looking at the structure though makes one wonder if each space inside serves a purpose and can be utilized. Shanghai Info. Center (Decq, 2011) It has been said that an architect, like a painter or a sculptor, creates beau ty.

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