Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Self-reflection on Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Self-reflection on Communication - Essay Example Although interactions with diverse groups of people through communication have widened my knowledge in socialization diversity, it forms one of my situations in which I am least comfortable while talking. The multicultural individuals are mostly my classmates from all various cultures of the world. The fact that we are of different cultures implies that our communication patterns differ a great deal. Additionally, communicating with strangers is another experience that I am least comfortable with because the is no relationship whatsoever between the intended correspondent and me. Personally, I find it adorable and more comfortable in situations where I am interacting with my friends because there is the aspect of sharing of common behaviors and issues. Moreover, interacting with members of the family guarantee the freedom of expression, and this characterizes an interpersonal communication that makes it interesting. Friends are at liberty with each other and even if one were to be criticized for mentioning anything irrelevant; it would not be in a manner that may lower his/her self-esteem. I possess a number of strengths and weakness when it comes to social interaction. Remarkably, my major strength is the ability to listen for long enough and participate effectively when required. I actively participate thus encouraging longer hours of any constructive chat. Secondly, I tend to keep a keener eye on aspects such as facial expression, the tonal variation of the speaker and use of gestures. The ability to focus on details regarding the subject of communication helps me avoid mistakes resulting from the inability to listen well. A third forte is that am able to adopt the use of gestures and tonal variations to place emphasis on issues that I deem more important than others have.  Ã‚  

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