Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Andidal olonization in Diabetic Patients Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Andidal olonization in Diabetic Patients - Essay Example As a result, there are infections that opportunistic and attack the host in colonies. In comparison to the effect of these infections on normal healthy individuals, the effect on diabetic individuals is adverse. Oral candidiasis is an infection that attacks individuals invaded by the fungus Candida albicans (Barnes, 2006). This infection occurs in colonies and the rigorousness of their spread in blood differs with individuals. The rate is higher in diabetic individuals as compared to normal individuals. The research utilizes the cytological techniques of oral exfoliation in data collection. Two test samples with a definite sample population are demarcated (Barnes, 2006). The two test samples are; normal individuals and diabetic individuals. The test involves tallying of the age and gender of the two test samples for a common base (Pallavan et al, 2014). The research is ethically undertaken with the underlying accord of the sample inhabitants is a study demand. A brief medical history for the individuals provides the basis for exclusion. The individual with rare deficiencies, other endocrine disorders; immunodeficiency, and chronic ailments are left out the sample population list. The mucosa linings of the mouth commonly emit the test sample. The reagent, which is the Periodic Acid Schiff, depicts the degree of the annexation of the verbalized candidiasis (Barnes, 2006). The microscope helps in the examination of the prevailing oral candidiasis colonies. Under specific test parameters, the result analysis employs statistical techniques to draw out test patterns. The underlying method commonly used is the Chi-square test. The Chi-square test shows major variations in the oral candidiasis colonies for diabetic and normal individuals (Pallavan et al, 2014).  

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