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Mercutios Death in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet free essay sample

He is a very bright jolly character who always brings comedy into the play he makes the play more colorful. The play becomes jolly to tragatedy. When Mercutio diies the comedy stops right then and there! He would always makes simple jokes even when he was on the verge of dieing he would bring the light into the play with happiness â€Å"ay a scratch scratch† making people think that he had an itch. His death was so impactful to me as a reader because after he died the play wasnt a s humerous as it was when he was alive he would take the worst situation and bring it into humor. Score | | | (15 Points) What role do Friar Laurence and the Nurse have in the events of the play? Do you feel that they are responsible for ultimately helping or hurting Romeo and Juliet? Please use and cite at least one(1) quote from the play. We will write a custom essay sample on Mercutios Death in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Answer should be at least one(1) paragraph. There role was to cause all the issues and problems in Romeo and Juliet. The nurse would always have views of who Juliet should be with in Paris but every time she imagines it with some one else instead of Romero. I feel that they are responsible because Friar Laurence would secretly marry the two of them behin every ones back as he poromises as the nurse was sercert about the affairs and keeps the secret and does not tell Capulat or the Montuages. Laurence goes behind Capulat and Montauges back and started the momentum of the traigety of there love. â€Å" To turn youre house into pure love† |Score | | | (15 Points) Romeo and Juliet are said to be â€Å"star-crossed lovers. † Do you believe it was fate or a series of misunderstandings that led to their deaths? Could they have done anything differently in your opinion to have a better outcome? Please use and cite at least one(1) quote from the play. Answer should be at least one(1) paragraph. I believe it was fate because first of all there famililes wouldnt of allowed them to be together. There love was fate because hormones are something that humans can not control. But I also believe it was due to misunderstaningd because they both could of held back there feeling for oe another and thigs could of went on from there. People always have choices and they chose to be in love to take the risk. Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband? Ah, poor my lord, what tongue shall smooth thy name† Juliet saying that she will not speak bad of romeo and will not risk the love. |Score | | | (10 Points) What do we learn from the final exchange between Montague and Capulet as the play ends? Will there be peace between them or not? Please use and cite at least one(1) quote from the play. Answer shou ld be at least one(1) paragraph. We learn that the montagues and the capulates come to a desion of making peace that fihgting is definatly not worth the outcome of it all. Peace? Peace. I hate the word. As I hate hell, all Montagues and thee! sowing that they first hated eachother. There will be peace because they realize that so may people have already dieed that they dont want to risk it any more and as the memorial of the people they built statues of each and every one who died in there honor. They come to realize that fightting is not they wat and if they continue to they will be nobody left!! |Score | | | |Score | | Of 55 |

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When a Comma Means And

When a Comma Means And When a Comma Means â€Å"And† When a Comma Means â€Å"And† By Maeve Maddox Although â€Å"blessed† by Fowler and the Chicago Manual of Style, the serial comma is readily dropped by a growing number of writers who prefer the advice given in the AP Style Guide: Use commas to separate elements in a series, but do not put a comma before the conjunction in a simple series: The flag is red, white and blue. Put a comma before the concluding conjunction in a series, however, if an integral element of the series requires a conjunction: I had orange juice, toast, and ham and egg for breakfast. In the Penguin Guide to Punctuation, R.L Trask likewise recommends omitting a comma before and. As does the AP guide, he says the only excuse for placing a comma before the and is to avoid ambiguity. Trask points out another use of what he calls the â€Å"listing comma.† In a list of adjectives all describing the same noun, a comma may be used to separate them: My dog’s long, dense, rough fur requires frequent brushing. A frequent error is to place commas between adjectives that are not all describing the same noun: My first pet was a purebred, Alaskan Husky. By remembering that the listing comma is a substitute for the word and, writers can avoid error by mentally replacing each comma in a list of adjectives with the word and. Compare the following examples: My dog’s long and dense and rough fur needs frequent brushing. My first pet was a purebred and Alaskan Husky In the the first example, replacing the commas with the word and makes the expression cumbersome, but it does not alter the sense. All three adjectives describe the same noun, â€Å"fur.† In the second example, replacing the comma with and makes no sense because â€Å"purebred† does not describe â€Å"Husky†; it describes â€Å"Alaskan Husky.† It’s sufficient to write, â€Å"My first pet was a purebred Alaskan Husky.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Punctuation category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:10 Grammar Mistakes You Should Avoid50 Nautical Terms in General UseLetter Writing 101

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Apple Inc. Secrets Revealed

Apple Inc. Secrets Revealed Apple sparked the personal computer revolution in the 1970s by introducing Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 80s with the Macintosh. Apple Inc. is committed to bringing the best computing experience to creative professional, students, educators, and customers around the globe through innovative software, hardware, and Internet offerings APPLE INC. CASE STUDY Apple Inc. has survived in a competitive and dynamic market to become one of the leading companies in the electronics industry. This case study reflects on some aspects of the company including history, products, competitors, innovation strategy, business strategy, and strategic management. The study will then examine the key success factor of the company and conduct a SWOT analysis. History and Background Apple is an American company founded by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs in April 1976. Initially, the company was primarily involved in developing and selling personal computers. The company was then incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. in January 1977 and renamed to Apple Inc. in January 2007. The current owners of Apple Inc. are the major shareholders such as Tim Cook, Arthur Levinson, Craig Federighi, Albert Gore Junior, Bruce Sewell, and institutional shareholders such as The Vanguard Group. Over the last six years, Apples income has been consistently on the rise. In the year 2015, the company made $53.4 billion annual profits, the highest in the companys history. It is not clear from Apple Companys Website what the mission statement of the company is. However, Steve Jobs mission statement for the company in the 1980s was: To make a contribution to the world by developing tools for the mind that bring progress to humankind. A relatively new mission statement for the company states: Apple sparked the personal computer revolution in the 1970s by introducing Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 80s with the Macintosh. Apple Inc. is committed to bringing the best computing experience to creative professional, students, educators, and customers around the globe through innovative software, hardware, and Internet offerings. For high-quality custom essay writing services, sign up and order paper online You could be asking yourself what exactly the company produces. Apple Inc. has come a long way and is now a world leader in the electronics industry. The business has developed several products and services and has over 375 retail shops worldwide. The company is popular for its hardware products such as the Mac line of computers, the iPhone Smartphone, the Apple iWatch, the iPad tablet computer, and the iPod media player among others. Apple Inc. is also known for its software products such as iOS and OS X operating systems. Apple Innovation Strategy To Apple Inc. innovation is more of a culture than a process. Apple has produced innovative products that have propelled it to the pinnacle of the information technology and electronics industries. However, the company does not just focus on developing beautiful and innovative products; they also have a very innovative business model. For instance, it is apparent that the success of iPod and iPhone can be attributed to the fact that these products were matched with iTunes and App Store respectively. It is also interesting to note that Apple Inc. has crossed many industry-defined boundaries to establish an innovation-friendly business ecosystem. The business deals with hardware, software, entertainment, and logistics, and has made significant impacts in these industries. For example, App Store is the largest collection of mobile applications which makes the Apple iPhone even better. Apple iTunes which is an innovative business model provides an interface that is easy to use on which people pay for music they like if they get it at their desired prices. Apple Company has demonstrated, through their terrific innovation management, that product design and user-friendliness are major determinants of success in the modern business environment. Apples Main Competitors Apple deals with many different products. As a result, the company has to compete in several different markets. Each of these markets has other big producers controlling significant market shares. For instance, Microsoft is the major competitor in the market for computer operating systems. Amazon and Microsoft have their own smart tablet and have carved out a significant market that used to be largely dominated by Apple. Samsung remains the biggest Apples competitor in the Smartphone market. Google challenges Apple in different market fronts such as cloud storage where Apple iCloud has to compete with Google Drive. Apples Success Factors Despite the nature of competition that Apple Company face, the company happens to be one of the most successful businesses in the United States and the world in general. So we seek to understand what factors fuel Apples success. Below is a rundown Apple Inc. success factors. 1. Innovative Activities: Apple Inc. is successful because it has been consistent on the issue of innovation. Innovation is one of the strongest cultures of the company. Over the past decade, Apple Inc. launched the following game-changing innovations: The Apple iPhone The Apple iPod The Apple iTunes The App Exchange The App Store Through innovation, Apple has managed to survive for 30 years in a market that is highly competitive and dynamic. 2. Retail Distribution Network: Generally, Apple distributes its products through direct sales, retail stores, online stores, and value added resellers. Apple opened its largest US retail store in Boston to increase its domestic sales. This comprehensive local and international market network is one of the factors that have significantly influenced the success of Apple Inc. 3. Well recognized brand: Apple is one of the most popular brands in the electronics industry. By focusing on customers and product quality, Apple has established itself as a reputable and respectable brand. As a result, it has millions of customers around the world who are loyal to the brand. To some extent, the brand sells the companys products. 4. Advertising Differentiation: Since the company was founded, Apple Inc. has been recognized for its creative approach to advertising. Its advertisements are unique in that they are planned in such a way that they imitate a setup of selling its products to creative people. The most noticeable advertisement campaign include the Super Bowl Commercial of the 1980s, Think Differently in 1990s, and The iPod People in 2000s. Apple Strategic Management At the core of Apples strategic management is the customer. To compete effectively, Apple seeks to understand what the customer wants and responds accordingly. Apple has remained competitive for three decades because it has always maintained an open mind and created designs that meet or exceed their customers expectations. Apple Inc. also embraces innovation and quality as important features of its strategic plan. A couple of years ago, the company reiterated that it would embark on a plan to compete on the basis of quality. Production of high quality and unique products has facilitated the establishment of a reliable brand which now has cult-like following around the world, and this has placed Apple at the top particularly in the Smartphone market. Apple  Business Strategy Apple Inc. relies on Generic Business Strategy (Porters Model) and Intensive Growth Strategy. These strategies directly influence the companys strategies when it comes to marketing and pricing among other areas of business. The Generic Model influences the features that differentiate Apple and its products from competitors. On the other hand, Apple Company uses innovation and product development as its core intensive growth strategy. SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis highlights the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that Apple Inc. faces. 1. Strengths A strong brand image Financial strength Market leadership in several products High-profit margin Well-developed supply-chain infrastructure 2. Weaknesses High prices compared to competitors Technical issues to do with product functionality Narrow product range Incompatibility of Apple products with other companies products 3. Opportunities Product diversification Research and development Increasing product compatibility Establishment of strategic partnerships with other companies elsewhere in the world 4. Threats Intensified competition from China, South Korea, and India Loss of the companys innovative potential due to the demise of inspirational founder, Steve Jobs Increasing manufacturing cost How Apple Inc. Changed the World It is apparent that Apple is now one the most profitable companies in the world. However, the company had to make radical changes in the world to get there. For instance, the Macintosh was the first mass-market personal computer to use graphical user interface. This innovation has had a major impact on how the world knows and uses the computer today. For high quality and original essays, sign up and go to write my essay. You can also view our free essay sample. From the foregoing discussion, it is clear that innovation has been core to the success of Apple Inc. Strong brand, a well developed retail distribution infrastructure, and advertising differentiation have also been key success factors for the company. Although the company has a number of weaknesses and faces several threats, the company also has many areas of strength, and the opportunities for growth are numerous. Thus, there is a potential for further growth in the future.

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Habitat Loss- Wildlife Spieces Birds Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Habitat Loss- Wildlife Spieces Birds - Essay Example An International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources report states that â€Å"the state of the world threatened bird species is worse than ever as since 1994 the number of bird species facing extinction has risen to 12% and 99% of these species is due to human activities†. Today there is an estimation of over 800 bird species under threat due to habitat loss. The National Audubon society reports Hawaii as the state with the largest number of endangered species over 70 Hawaiian species have gone extinct and 10 others have not been seen in years. Since the time of European settlements more than 50% of wetlands in the US and Canada have been drained or filled to lend way for development. Expansion of agriculture has also caused deforestation and conversion of grasslands and drainage of wetlands in south and North America. Human caused pollution mostly due to terrestrial runoff e.g. the Gulf of Mexico contains over 4,144 km2 dead zone with little or no oxygen, c aused due to excess fertilizers and other pollutants. The government laws and policies passed are also contributing to the problem. In September 2005, the house passed HR3824, sponsored by Congressman Pombo. The bill called â€Å"threatened and endangered species recovery act,† eliminates protection for critical habitat. ... It tops the list in America’s most endangered birds by the Audubon Society .The American birding society lists it in the class 6 species i.e. â€Å"definitely or probably extinct†. In fact it was considered extinct until one was sighted in Arkansas wildlife in 2004. It is the largest woodpecker species in the United States, the species ranged from Texas to North Carolina and southern Illinois to Cuba. Its main habitats are mature old forest, cypress swamps and mature pine forests. Ivory billed wood peckers mate for life. One pair needs at least five to six square miles of open forest to mate mostly between January and may every year and they lay between two to five eggs. Due to heavy logging causing deforestation and drainage of cypress swamps, mating became rare and rare as the birds didn’t have the right atmosphere for mating. Efforts for its protection are vigorously being pursued like; investors investing and adopting potential breeding areas which are being properly maintained. CARLIFORNIA CONDOR It is the largest northern American land bird; with the largest wingspan and the heaviest in weight. It is one of the world’s longest living birds with a lifespan of around 50 years. Its main habitats are rocky scrubland, coniferous forests and oak savannas. Their nesting sites are cliffs and large trees. Earlier they lived on mega fauna carcasses which unfortunately are now extinct in North America. They resulted to eating farm animals though none has ever been sited killing them, the farmers often hunted them down. One of the major reasons that have led to the reduction of this bird population are: they have exacting mating habits, their sexually

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Mock Interview with Edward Snowden Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mock Interview with Edward Snowden - Assignment Example Throughout my working, I have learned our government is doing the exact opposite of what it purports to do in our name. Edward Snowden: I have worked thought in security settings, and more particularly in the settings of information security. I can assure you what the government is doing against you against the law the very laws it is supposed to protect are a lot. They pretend to be following the law, protecting your security, your privacy and working for the interest of the nation when in actual sense they are just working for their interests. They intercept all your telephone conversations; your activity on social media is spied on in the name of national security including your very private pictures yet the law protects the privacy of every individual. I thought things would change when President Barrack Obama was elected but to my shock, whistleblowers have been prosecuted at an alarming rate in this administration. It came to my realization that I was just part of the harm and nothing was going to happen to make the truth known unless I acted myself on what I strongly believe in. My experience o f what our government is doing against us and other people the world over informs and more especially my stint in Geneva strongly informed my decision to do at least something. Interviewer: Do you ever ponder the fact that it was actually wrong to release the documents and circulate them against our employer and government? Didn’t you think you were betraying and actually sabotaging? Edward Snowden: One may want to look at it the same way you are doing but for me, it was a bigger picture. A strong belief in the rule of law, the right to privacy as envisaged in America’s own constitution and equality for all are principles dear to my heart. I worked shortly in the military, at the CIA, NSA, and for private companies.  

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Publix Case Essay Example for Free

Publix Case Essay This list of items changes from region to region and even from store to store. The items on the theft-prone list are locked up for safe keeping. It is essential that Publix continue to take the necessary actions to prevent the likelihood of theft. While a company cannot prevent all attempts of theft, it can certainly do its due diligence to ensure that the number of cases of theft is minimized. Additionally, Publix employees play a major role in reducing the amount of legal costs the company incurs. All employees are expected to work to ensure store safety on a consistent basis. By being proactive with these types of training programs and locking away commonly stolen merchandise, Publix is lessening the amount of time and money it spends on legal issues. Economic Factors With the recent downturn in the economy, many customers are now looking for the lowest price retailer to purchase from. Publix has built its brand based mostly on the quality of products and the shopping experience, not the lowest price. Retailers that consumers generally equate to low prices include Wal-Mart and bulk buying retailers like Costco and Sams Club. With that in mind, in times like these, Publix seems to be at a major disadvantage. Publix understands that there is strong competition in the supermarket industry(Weinstein, pg 272). Publix, like many other grocery chains, is having a difficult time competing with low cost supercenters. Even in a recession, the average American consumer is still spending a large portion of their income on food. Although U. S. food spending is on the rise, supermarkets are not capturing their fair share (Weinstein, pg 274). Consequently, Publix has to now change the consumer focus on price to one of value. Publixs goal is to make every customer feel personally valued in such a way that they see themselves as one in a million(Weinstein, pg 269). If Publix is able to continue to differentiate its products value for the consumer, it may be able to convert the supercenter shopper into a loyal customer. Social/ Cultural Factors At Publix, everything revolves around pleasing the customer, which is why it has enjoyed much of the success it has had since the 1930s(Weinstein, pg 269). Superior customer value and quality of products are cornerstones in the Publix culture. Publix depends on the fact that a more educated consumer is willing to pay a slightly higher price for great service. The average Publix customer is well-educated and lives within a 5 mile radius of the store in which they shop. Publix understands that it is far easier to maintain a current customer than to attract a new one. Thus, Publix associates are [also] encouraged to use their daily observations, customer feedback, survey evaluation, and other data to improve their jobs, better serve their customers, and make Publix a better place where shopping is a pleasure'(Weinstein, pg 280). Technological Factors An industry study revealed that by 2007, about 20 million households in the United States will purchase groceries, food, and other household items online†¦However, to date, none of the major grocery chains have mastered the online arena(Weinstein, pg 281). Publix is working towards how to profitably master implementing the technological processes that its customer is demanding. In an attempt to enter the online grocery market, Publix launched PublixDirect in 2001. This service came to an end in 2003 despite all the proper planning that went into its conception. It is imperative that Publix finds a way to control its costs in an effort to compete with the few successful online grocers that currently dominate the market.

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Black Thursday :: essays research papers

The book ‘Hard Times’ takes you back to the early 20th century. This book also talks about one of the hardest times in American history. Hard Times talks about the causes of the great depression. This book gives original testimonies of people who lived during these hard times. Studs Terkel, prize-winning author and radio broadcast personality was born Louis Terkel in New York on May 16, 1912. Terkel attended University of Chicago and received a law degree in 1934. He chose not to pursue a career in law. Terkel credits his knowledge of the world to the tenants who gathered in the lobby of the hotel and the people who congregated in nearby Bughouse Square, a meeting place for workers, labor organizers, dissidents, the unemployed, and religious fanatics of many persuasions. In the roaring 1920s, the United States bathed in previously unheard of prosperity. Industry and agriculture alike profited from the thriving economy. Average income grew steadily throughout the decade and production soared. Levels of investment grew to new heights. However, the economy began to slow down in 1928, and the trend continued in 1929. Agricultural prices slipped, a result of production surpluses and a downturn in business activity. Despite this and other warning signs, patterns of investment continued much as they had in the mid-20s, giving little recognition to the economic slowdown. The stage was set for a major market correction. On October 24, 1929, dubbed Black Thursday, the stock market crashed. Investing froze. As a result, the national economy fell into an unprecedented period of depression. National income slipped lower each year from 1929 to 1932, and did not return to pre-depression levels until World War II. Unemployment became arguably the foremost problem of the depression. Hard Times talks such a major part of American History and was reviewed by many. Stud Terkel did such an excellent job when describing the depression and his accounts were so accurate according to the New Times, which states â€Å"In Hard Times, Studs Terkel captures the Depression in all its vast complexity, assembling a mosaic of memories as told by those who faced destitution as well as those who stayed rich†. The Saturday Review says, â€Å"It vividly illustrates the Depression's effect on those who lived through it, and shows how bitter memories can transform into a surprising nostalgia. The book ultimately serves as "a huge anthem in praise of the American spirit".