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Research Projects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research Projects - Essay Example The first is to attain a greater understanding of the world around us, with the assumption here being that new' knowledge facilitates that. The second is the reshaping of the world and reorganisation of the framework within which human activities unfold for the explicated purpose of bring the reality closer to the ideal (Sekaran, 2003). Although, at first glance, the second cited aim may sound unduly ambitious and somewhat arrogant, closer inspection proves otherwise. Were one to briefly consider the fact that medical research has led to the evolution of technologies which have significantly lengthened average human life spans, or that electronic communications research has led to the evolution of the internet, we find that the gap between the ideal and the real, although vast, has been somewhat reduced. Moreover, were we to momentarily reflect upon the fact that scientific research has led to the evolution of instruments and technologies as would give us better understanding of the health of our environment, s a strategy for forestalling crisis, we would again concede that research is fulfilling is articulated aims of explaining and reshaping the world. The research pr On the basis of the above, one may affirm that the aims of research are to uncover new knowledge with the purpose of doing so being to improve the world and human life. Research Process The research process varies in accordance with the research field and the selected research methodology. Hence, as noted by Jackson (1994) within the parameters of scientific research, the process is primarily framed by the collection of primary data and experimentation while, within the context of a humanities' based research, the process is framed by the examination of secondary data in light of new developments, generally tending towards the theoretical and the explanatory and involving little, if any, experimentation (Jackson, 1994). In other words, the research process, defined as the methodology pursued (Jackson, 1994) differs in accordance with subject matter and selected research method. Although the research process is variable, the fact is that the process comprises a number of steps which, if the research subscribes to accepted academic standards and criteria, is cross-disciplinary. All research, as argued by Creswell (2003) proceeds from a specified research problem, an articulated research question and a hypothesised solution to the problem and response to the question. These three steps, research problem, research question and hypothesis, frame the research itself whereby all succeeding research activity is founded upon, and guided by them (Creswell, 2003). In other words, irrespective of research discipline and methodology, the research process comprises the three steps outlined. Based on the above elucidation of the research process, one may not that the process is inextricably connected to the earlier mentioned research reasons. As earlier stated, a research is motivated by the compulsion to uncover new knowledge and to resolve existent problems. These general research aims are narrowed down to a specific problem, question and hypothesis during the research process. Therefore, one may safely assert that the reasons for research and

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