Saturday, September 28, 2019

Marketing case analaysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing case analaysis - Essay Example Some of this increase can be funded by savings in expenses on seminars and face-to-face promotion, but the future potential of the strategy recommendation justifies even a decline by about 2 percentage points of profitability to about 15%. 1. The outsourcing movement shows that all organizations in mature economies are under pressures to control costs. Governments in countries which are members of the World Trade Organization cannot protect their domestic work forces against this transfer of jobs to low labor cost markets. This also creates opportunities for new systems in start-up companies in emerging countries, anxious to exploit the outsourcing opportunity. 2. Stock market regulators are under political pressure to ensure corporate governance for minority share holder protection. Small and medium enterprises which want to approach the markets for capital need to conform to stringent requirements, especially in the United States. 1. The global demand for software engineers and services exceeds supply. Hence, recruitment and retention of key human resources are critical issues for Information Technology companies. Qualified people have high expectations, not just in remuneration terms, but with respect to professional challenges. Overall, the external environment is favorable for companies such as Signifo to improve on their past growth rates and profitability. However, new products and services will be required, and companies with narrow geographical spread could be swamped. Significant players in the markets of tomorrow must be flexible, responsive, and global, to remain in business as independent entities. Signifo is a niche company with a well-defined brand, but with an insignificant share of just about 1% of the world market in which it participates. It caters mainly to small and medium companies in its home

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