Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Culture That Supports Financial Acumen Part II Assignment

A Culture That Supports Financial Acumen Part II - Assignment Example by equipping all employees with basic skills in financial profitability, it is easier to expect that the actions of all these people will be focused on the achievement of the financial goals of the organization. Today, there is a new trend with cross-functional team work, which requires that all employees work together as a team. This however cannot be possible when financial acumen is not part of the skills of all employees (Brigham & Houston, 2013). I admire your post for a lot of things but more importantly is the fact that you stressed on the need to make financial acumen everybody’s business at the workplace. Indeed several organizations have failed to experience the full benefits of financial acumen because the whole concept has been made to center round only a few people. Because of lack of understanding for the concept, it is always difficult to get the support of others in implementing strategies that foster financial growth (Brigham & Houston, 2013). Based on personal experience, I realize that some other ways in which organizations can make financial acumen work from a collective perspective is by promoting cross-functional roles. Such roles will ensure that those in departments not directly related to finance will have a means of working with the financial experts. By so doing, the transfer of knowledge from those high on financial acumen can easily go down to those low on financial

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