Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Management of Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Management of Decision Making - Essay Example SSM being a user centered design approach concentrates mainly on the people involved with the problem and focus on the specific problems secondarily. It also aims at analyzing the problem from different perspectives. SSM provides an effective and efficient way to carry out an analysis of the processes in which technological processes and human activities are interdependent. This paper envisages making a case study of the problems faced by stake holders and various other entities dealing with a particular branch of a Local bank and how SSM approach provides a solution to the problem identified: SSM involves various key stages in its implementation like, identifying and defining the problem situation and expressing them in the context of relevance to human factors involved, creating relevant root definitions and thereby evolving conceptual models measuring performance. Such models created would then be compared with the real world to assess the requirement of any desirable or necessary changes and finally recommending the corrective action to be taken. To understand and deal with the structured problem one should have answers to such questions as who are the key players, what their perception of the situation is, what processes are going on now and what the organized structures are: In our example the basic details about the organization Bank Muscat must be studied to apply SSM. Bank Muscat is the largest Bank in Oman with a strong presence in consumer banking, corporate banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, private banking and project finance. The bank has a network of over 90 branches in Oman and a representative office in Dubai. Bank Muscat has interests in India and Bahrain. The Brach is headed by an efficient manager of the Bank Mr.Salim Ali Al Busaidi and assisted by Assistant Manager Nawal Salman Al Rawabi with additional staff to

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