Friday, September 13, 2019

Research Paper #2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Research Paper #2 - Coursework Example New media platforms such as social media, blogs, digital newspapers, wikis, and websites are becoming more common and widely used in the media industry. Although old media is still trying to remain relevant, new media is exerting increasing pressure on media companies to abandon their traditional media for the new media. According to Dunlop (Para 1), new media is transforming old media by attacking its credibility. This is just one way in which new media is transforming traditional media. With specific regard to print media including newspapers and magazines, the effect is more pronounced. The presence of new media such as blogs, websites, wikis, and social media is rendering the traditional print media less relevant. For instance, even before media companies can print newspapers and magazines with the latest news, the news will have already been featured in the new media platforms. Therefore, by the time the print newspapers and magazines are released, the public has already gotten the news. However, there is still controversy regarding the effect of new media on old media. According to Bernstein (261), despite the new challenges posed by new media, traditional media is not about to be gone soon. This could be right. Currently, traditional media is still relevant. People are still reading print magazines and newspapers. In fact, according to Anderson (Para 1), revenues from digital platforms only account for a small fraction of the total advertising revenues compared to what print newspapers fetch. This shows that traditional print media is still relevant in the digital era. Moreover, the audience for traditional print media has not vanished completely. Although the audience has shrunk significantly, there is still a sizeable audience comprising mainly of the old generations that are not so used to the new media platforms. Even with this raging debate, it is clearly evident that many

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