Sunday, August 25, 2019

When I came to the USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

When I came to the USA - Essay Example When I first came to America, I was very nervous and depressed that I left part of my family and my home. I had also left my comfort zone. Obviously, it was a big blow in my life because I was leaving everyone behind. Everything I have ever known including my culture, my friends, and my country and my life were something I was stepping beyond when I crossed into the United States. However, I understood that this sacrifice was what I needed as I began my new life. Without a doubt, it was a challenge for me as I had to assimilate. As a child growing up in my home country, I was an average kid who loved to play sports and tried very hard in school. However, when my parents decided to come to America, the transition was without a doubt one that was difficult. I had to adapt to a new language, new customs, and a whole new culture. Yet, I never gave up even though I came from an environment where things were more conservative than how they are in United States. The questions that were always longing in my head, ‘Would I make new friends?’ Or ‘Will I ever fit in?’ Also, ‘Will I ever feel like I am comfortable and at home?’ These questions taunted me and sometimes still do. However, coming to America was an adventure and a new way of life and I was and am ready to push aside these questions in order to progress and make a better life for myself here in the United States. When my brother and I travelled to the U.S.A., we had a very weary time. Our journey was so long and in midst of coming to the States, we did not even have a last proper meal. You can imagine the anxiety, sadness and even the excitement in our hearts. It was a chaotic moment where I had mixed emotions. I can remember that when we landed in the airport, all I could think was that the flight was really long. I had not been able to sleep in the airplane because of the loud humming noise of the engine. Additionally, I was too anxious to land to

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