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Mong Schoolchildrn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mong Schoolchildrn - Essay Example This book rvls th story of young tchr's lif nd work in th Klly School, prt of th Holyok, Msschusts school systm. Th book provids insight into wht it is lik tching in multiculturl clssroom nvironmnt nd how importnt it is to b bl to monitor nd djust to troubld studnts, how vitl it is to chng your mthods of working, whr tching 24/7 profssion, not 8:00-5:00 job. During th whol yr Chris tckls not only issus of difficult studnts but prsonl issus s wll. This book provids futur tchrs with much rquird glnc t th rlitis of tching whr strss of bing tchr is vidnt. From Sptmbr to Jun, Chris Zjc, compssiont, dvotd tchr struggls with th nrly suprhumn tsk of tching innr-city childrn, mny from impovrishd nd brokn homs. .It fls lik you r in th clssroom with Mrs. Zjc. Trcy Kiddr dscribs rl tchr nd hr studnts nd tks th rdr with thm through th school yr. Zjc mngd to rlt th problms s wll s th succsss in th clssroom. Zjc is th kind of tchr tht prnt would wnt thir child to b round, bcus sh dos not only tchs bsic skills nd knowldg, but lso nturs nd dls with childrn who com to th clssroom with lot of bggg. Mrs. Zjc posssss ll trits tht vry tchr should hv: tough in loving wy, disciplind, slf-wr, nd willing to confss to hr own fults. Onc in whil whn sh rlizd tht sh is probbly boring, sh tris to shk up th lsson to void wtching bord studnts. Mrs. Mrs. Zjc is wondr tchr tht vry child should hv t lst onc in thir grd school crr, bcus sh posss ll ncssry qulitis of n xcllnt tchr. Sh is sympthtic, lmost to fult, bcus somtims sh givs too mny scond chncs to pupils who try to disordr hr clss, but sh lso mngs to gt through ll of thm, vn th ons who hd to b rmovd. Sh is hrd-working tchr nd lwys brings hom both th ppr grding nd th worris in which sh constntly rumints on ch studnt's lif nd how sh cn improv it. Sh dos not lv tchr flings t th school door nd s rsult lmost ll of innovtiv ids build up whil sh broods t hom ovr som kid's dilmm. Sh hs big hrt, nough to mbrc nd provid thm with unconditionl lov, spcilly to thos who xprincs hrdships t hom or vn to thos who dos not vn hv hom.In ordr to b n ffctiv tchr on hs to nturlly possss ll thos trits nd b bl to us thm in ordr to gt through to thir studnts. It is chllnging to b bl to s th diffrnc btwn "problm studnts" nd "good studnts" nd th chllngs thy prsnt in vry dy situtions. Th mjority of studnts in Mrs. Zjc's clss r Hispnic-- growing truth throughout th Unitd Stts--so long with th vrydy frustrtions of vry tchr, w s tht Mrs. Zjc hs n dditionl worklod imposd mrly by th prsnc of lngug brrir. Looking t fiv min rs of Mrs. Zjc's clssroom cn giv n insight into wht mks hr good tchr nd thos trits includ: tchr's intrction with th studnts, studnts' intrction with th tchr, studnts' intrction with othr studnts, contnt, nd nvironmnt.Sh intrcts in such wy tht studnts hv prcption tht sh wnts th bst out of thm, so thy try hrd in ordr to mt thos xpcttions. Whn Hnritt wntd to quit working on hr mth, Mrs. Zjc just tris to rpt hr xpcttions by sying, " No, Hnritt. You cn't quit. You hv to kp trying. You cn't just quit in lif, Hnritt." By following nd mting thos xpcttions, studnts t som point will try to outprform vn. nothr lsson tht cn b drivd from Mrs. Zjc's styl of tching is hr ttitud towrds trting studnts , whr sh sys "Trting studnts qully oftn mns trting thm vry diffrntly." Sh undrstnds tht vry studnt's bst is diffrnt, but just th fct tht h of sh trid to rch thir bst is lrdy nd indictor of succss. For xmpl, sh rlizd tht th ssy tht Jimmy wrot ws hug

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