Saturday, August 10, 2019

Unit 5 discussion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 5 discussion - Research Paper Example In the case of Bedford Mountain parenting program one could debate that there might have been preconceived thoughts about the program’s success. In Maritza’s case, it is important for the funding agency to understand the purpose of the program. The findings in this case should be presented and explained clearly to the founder. According to Royse et al. (2010) this evaluation’s findings are intended for knowledge development. They are exempted from scrutiny by IRB (p.49). Despite this; it is good for the evaluator to share her plans with the nearest IRB for guidance. It is also crucial for the evaluator to review how others addressed this problem and apply ethical principles to the situation. Maritza should consult with her supervisor on the evaluation and objectively discuss the way forward as the program collides with politics of funding and the need to be addressed. Maritza should not compromise on the findings but should present her findings in such a way that they capture the pros and cons of the program and give recommendations for it. This type of data ought to be shared with the funding agency and her immediate supervisor. Evaluators are urged not to be complacent even in the midst of political, financial or personal interest but maintain neutrality and exercise their ability to report accurate

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