Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Separation of the Church and the State In the United States of Research Paper

The Separation of the Church and the State In the United States of America - Research Paper Example However, it could be noticed that the impending procedure of the law and how the church usually meddles with the procedures of the state in implementing the law in several occasions make this particular aim of separating both factors of the society somewhat unreal at several points of consideration (Boston, 2005, 18). This is the primary reason why this particular study is being commenced. The examination of the situation is indeed an important discussion as it directly affects the entire society and how religion and the law could be balanced as they are exercised in society. The issue being discussed in this paper is primarily based on the basic idea of the need of separating the responsibilities as well as the power of church and the state. This is primarily because of the separate aims of both sectors that make them particularly different from each other. Mixing both sectors of social function certainly brings about different conflicts within the systems of both sectors of the soc iety. (Mc Whirter, 1994, 16) The demarcation line between the state and the church begins with the educational amendments of the American practice in assisting the students gain knowledge about the Divinity of Religion towards the political involvement of the church within the different occasions that the government intend to decide on several issues that concern the society (Owen, 2000, 32). Because of the believed guidance that the church receives from the Grand Creator of all Things, some people tend to derive decisions from the church rather than simply relying on the law. (Hamburger, 2002, 47) Certain Protestant clergymen of the United States give much lip service to the principle of the separation of church and state. They loudly denounce any breaching of that wall by others, such as former President Truman's proposal to send an ambassador to the Vatican. But do they respect that wall of separation between church and state when it conflicts with their own interests to do so They do not (Owen, 2000, 43). Th e "Released Time" program by which school children are released from public schools so that they can take religious instructions elsewhere is a case in point. This program breaches the wall of separation in that it uses the state's compulsory school machinery to supply classes for religious organizations (Awake! 1989, 24).     

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