Sunday, January 19, 2020

Physical health Essay

As shown in Table 4, physical health is an important contributing factor towards well-being of the elderly. The administrators (83%) noticed that enjoying physical mobility, having good food and accommodation, and efficient medical care facilities seemed to be contributing toward their well-being. About 50% of the administrators observed that the elderly’ recreational activities and physical exercise were also important aspects that contributed toward their total well-being. To espouse the findings presented above: They speak happily about Gladys Spellman’s accommodation, its quiet environment, and the medical facilities available. Most of them are happy about the food served. Actually the food is good and they go for taste and it is difficult for them to follow the diet. To make them happy give them good food. Half the complains or dissatisfaction will be taken care of, this is our observation. The most important thing is their physical condition. Though age related illness is there, all are physically independent now except one person who is partially dependent. Most of them say that they want to die before they become bed-ridden. All are aware of the need to take care of their health. Some do regular exercises, some do gardening†¦a few go for long walks and few other just walk on the roofed pavements connecting different structures. And others say that they are tired and cannot/don’t want to do such things†¦. Autonomy/Freedom The administrators (100%) reported that the atmosphere of freedom in the home gives the elderly a sense of power and self-worth. In their perception, the feeling of being respected and treated as adults, gave a sense of worth and personal power. According to 50% of them, need for privacy and non-intrusion was important to the elderly. Rules are not imposed and they have minimum external restrictions. This has given the inmates maximum internal freedom in some sense of the term. And they respond well by using their freedom responsibly. Thank God we don’t have to discipline them at this age†¦they do it on their own. Though they are friendly and cordial the elderly prefer small groups and †¦apparently there is lot of communication among the members in each unit. They help one another when needed†¦sharing about their personal life seem to be difficult for them†¦they don’t like to be intruded upon†¦they want to keep their private world to their own. Money/Income As indicated in Table 4, all the members of administration (100%) were of the opinion that money gave a sense of security to the elderly. They (83%) further noticed that it provided a sense of power, independence and personal pride. The elderly in general were also found to be money conscious and attached to money. The following statement would explicate the findings in the study: They have a sense of security when they have money with them†¦and they don’t part with or share it but hold on to that†¦. may be when we become old we have a tendency to hold on what we have†¦ Want to be in control†¦ money is power. There are also people who among the elderly do not attach much importance to money and they are generous with the money. For example, the underground chapel is built by just one person’s donation. And there are people who sponsor poor students†¦and the like.

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