Friday, July 26, 2019

Chinese Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chinese Culture - Essay Example The mere aroma of the Chinese food wafting through the streets draws people into the restaurants. Chinese cuisine is popular for its variety and nutritional significance. There are noodles, pasta, spaghetti, rice and tortillas that are served with lightly fried chicken and vegetables. Chicken goes perfect with stir-fried capsicums, onions and bamboo shoots. Soy sauce, chilli sauce, ajinomoto and pepper blend into one another to create the signature taste that is the characteristic feature of the Chinese cuisine. The best thing about the Chinese cuisine is the fact that vegetables are only lightly fried so that their nutritional significance as well as taste remains intact. In addition to having unique ingredients and a distinct style of cooking, Chinese people also have their own individualistic way of eating the food. Nobody in the world can play with the noodles the way Chinese people do with the sticks and yet make sure that not a single droplet of the sauce is splashed on their s hirt. Chinese dress is characterized by beauty combined with modesty. There is very little show-off of the skin. The fabrics are mostly made in silk and the prints are eye-catchy. Chinese people like to wear bright colors, preferably shiny in the look like gold, silver, and royal blue. The silky texture of the clothes lends a shine even to some of the dullest colors on Earth. Chinese women prefer to hold their hair in a tight bun that is held in place by a wooden stick. The traditional view of a Chinese woman is that of a doll wearing a foot length bright silky red and blue robe with a paper-fan in her hand. It is not that Chinese have adopted a unique culture, they are naturally meant to be different. They can create everything but not the looks. One can identify a Chinese amongst 100 people. They have large round faces with black lustrous eyes curled slightly upwards in the corners. You can hardly observe any eyelids in the Chinese! And that happens to be one of the secrets

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